20 April 2006


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31 July 2005

It’s stopped raining! Time to get busy.

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Finally, on July, oh, 19th or so of this year the rain finally let up in Seattle. Actually, the truth is that most of this past winter was very dry. We were supposed to have a drought year this year. Of course, as soon as it warmed up the rains finally came and didn’t let up until about a week ago. (more…)

27 April 2005

Blakely Harbor Mini-Cruise

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We sailed Rivendell over to our favorite overnight spot, Blakely Harbor this past weekend. With wind speeds from 4-18 knots Saturday and Sunday we finally got to put the new sails through a real trial. (more…)

18 April 2005

The Most Unglamorous Job — DONE!

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We so wanted to go sailing this weekend. All week, we’d been trying to decide where we were going to anchor and how nice it would be to get out of the marina and hoping there’d be some wind — but not too much — to fill our sails. (more…)

12 April 2005

They Fit!

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After bending on our new main and genoa between rain squalls last weekend, we took Rivendell out for a sail one lovely evening after work. (more…)

29 March 2005

Precious Cargo

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Bleary eyed from a whirlwind weekend in San Francisco, we arrived at Doyle first thing Monday morning. (more…)

24 March 2005

Getting Ready for Sails

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In preparation for picking up our new sails at the end of March, we were working like crazy to get Rivendell ready for them. (more…)

15 March 2005

A Whistledown of a Reunion

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Doug and Meg, formerly of the Spencer 35 Whistledown, were visiting in Seattle this week. The Sea of Cortez gang gathered for several rounds of stories and beer at the Sloop Tavern in Ballard. (more…)

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