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Goodbye, Dear Friend

No Voyage

by Mary Oliver

I wake earlier, now that the birds have come
And sing in the unfailing trees.
On a cot by an open window
I lie like land used up, while spring unfolds.

Now of all voyagers I remember, who among them
Did not board ship with grief among their maps?—
Till it seemed men never go somewhere, they only leave
Wherever they are, when the dying begins.

For myself, I find my wanting life
Implores no novelty and no disguise of distance;
Where, in what country, might I put down these thoughts,
Who still am citizen of this fallen city?

On a cot by an open window, I lie and remember
While the birds in the trees sing of the circle of time.
Let the dying go on, and let me, if I can,
Inherit from disaster before I move.

O, I go to see the great ships ride from harbor,
And my wounds leap with impatience; yet I turn back
To sort the weeping ruins of my house:
Here or nowhere I will make peace with the fact.

~From New and Selected Poems, Volume One




  1. Goodbye old friend. I’ll miss your cozy saloon, and remember fondly all the joy you brought us all.

    1. Sara says:

      Good times for sure! Miss you guys a ton…it would be so cool to rendezvous while you are stateside somehow.

      1. Can you make it to coffee on Dec 14th in Mtn View, CA? I know this violates the “you can pick the place or the time, but not both” rule, but it is worth a try!

  2. Kevin says:

    Does this mean s/v Wondertime has a new owner/s?

    1. Sara says:

      Yes, she is officially sold! That was hard…but the girls are busy planning all sorts of new trips. I think we successfully implanted the travel bug in them. 🙂