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A Birthday at Sea

Day 9, underway to New Zealand. 280 miles to go.

Longshot II took us under their wing for nearly 250 miles; they towed us for over 40 hours. This morning the forecast NE wind filled in and we’ve been sailing at 6 knots all day in a lovely 12 knots of wind. The clouds above thickened up today and turned grey, spitting down drizzle every now and then. It feels like we are coming home. We cannot even express our appreciation of what Longshot has done. Another tropical low is forming now over Vanuatu and we may have been drifting around stuck in it’s path if it hadn’t been for Longshot’s assistance. They say we can pay them with some beers when we get to Opua and we’re more than happy to pay the tab.

In other excitement onboard, we celebrated Holly’s 4th birthday yesterday. We were hoping to be in NZ by that day but it was definitely even more fun celebrating her special day at sea. I asked her the day before what she wanted for her birthday breakfast and she replied “Cake!” So that morning Leah smeared her sister’s cake with pink frosting and sprinkled it quite generously (even more fun than glitter apparently). We sang and cut it into huge slices and ate it in our pajamas. Holly opened her gifts, little trinkets we’d picked up in Tonga and a new wool hat I’d knit for her that she’ll no doubt need to wear in the next few days. Holly was beaming the entire morning, so happy with our little celebration of her.



  1. Tom & Jeanne says:

    We even though of her, and our birthday celebration for her in Bahia Santa Maria last year!! we were all so excited to play in warm water. All our best…Tom & Jeanne

  2. Donald A. Carr says:

    As an ole salt from Rhode Island USA I enjoyed reading your post. Your cruise brings back many fond memories sailing in the Atlantic. I look forward to reading more of your sojourn.
    -don :=)

  3. Happy birthday to Holly! Has she now spent a majority of her life living aboard and cruising? What a powerful way to begin life. Hearing about the generosity and caring in the cruising community, as displayed by Longshot, is sooo refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. donald a. carr says:

      Thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily adventures in you log. What a thrilling experience for you and your young family. Has Eckert Tolle inspired your sailing odyssey? Stay vigilant and happy sailing!

  4. Kyra says:

    OH Holly, wish her a happy birthday from the Nyon crew – we remember her third birthday… my, how time flies… 🙂 Congrats for making to NZ! xo the Nyon crew