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South to New Zealand

We are finally underway to the land of the Kiwi bird. Or, as Leah and Holly point out movie theaters, ice-cream cones and socks. I am excited for — yes I am going to admit it — a Starbucks latte. Also cheese, a real grocery store and libraries. Michael is excited for internet that works and a big fat steak.

These things we keep in mind as we point our bow into the southern ocean. I have to think of something else, can’t let the terror fill up every part of my brain as it wants to. I do not like this trip, have been dreading it for weeks. There’s so many factors that weather prediction is practically an art form down here and I just need to trust those experts that say the path is clear and trust that we’ll be ok. Miserable perhaps, but ok. Some people say you have to take an ass-kicking on this trip, that’s just the way it is. Hopefully we can bypass that rite of passage.

We’re certainly not miserable now; 175 miles north of Minerva Reef we’re motoring in about 2 knots of wind. The weather is dictating that we go right pass this potential resting point and continue on to Opua. There is a low forming over Fiji heading towards Tonga so we want to be well south of it’s influence. The good news is that the low will create nice SE winds for us — which is on the beam — in a few days and we should have a rip roaring sail right into Opua, hopefully a week from today.

It will be fine, I know it will. But still I alternate between being terrified of running out of diesel and terrified of 40 knot winds on the beam. 950 miles to go. Must think of lattes and socks, instead.


  1. Bob Hancy says:

    Thank you for the update Sara. Think positive and know you will get there safe. I’ve seen that angry ocean but trust the experts (and prepare for the worse). You all signed up for an adventure and you will remember this voyage for the rest of your lives…all good memories of course. 🙂 Please let us know when you arrive in NZ. Safe travels.

  2. Kay Minton says:

    We were so happy to hear the update. I’ve been sending positive thoughts daily and will continue to do that. You are well prepared and have good skills. Think of the positive things and hugs those gilrs for us! Please let us know when you arrive.

  3. Kyra says:

    Sending you lots of positive vibes! xo

  4. Have a great sail! Eager to hear all about settling in–and pictures. All the best, The Del Viento crew

  5. Nita Bell says:

    I will be thinking of you and praying for a safe voyage to New Zeland. Just think of the adventures ahead. I can hardly wait to hear about them. Happy sailing!