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First days in the Marquesas

Our last few days at sea the girls would tell us how they couldn't wait to run free on a beach again. Wish granted.

We have been in a sort of dream state here on Hiva Oa for the past five days. Most of the time we still can’t believe we are really here and have to pinch ourselves to make sure we are truly awake. It’s so beautiful here, so exotic. It’s everything you think of when you picture “French Polynesia” and even more. All new sights, smells, tastes, sounds. All delightful. The best part is we are home, floating in an amazing whole new world.

Our check-in process in Atuona took 10 minutes total, thanks to our wonderful agent Sandra, the friendly Gendarmerie and the amazing efficiency of the French Polynesian government.

Celebrating our arrival with the local brew.

Leah is enjoying her thoroughly Marquesan breakfast: pamplemousse (the most heavenly grapefruit ever) and a fresh baguette.

It doesn't take much to arrange a playdate on an island in the middle of the ocean; all you need are a couple of coordinates. Here, the young crews of Wondertime and Convivia are delighted to be reunited after we last saw them in La Cruz - 3,000 miles ago.

This one is for you Stephie.

Neither of us speaks a lick of French, which makes it even more interesting in this French-speaking country. We are slowing learning though, and the fresh baguettes, French cheeses, French chocolates and the sing-songy way every says “bonjour!” makes our language struggles wholly worthwhile.

The best produce deal is right from the grower....meeting up with the Monday produce truck in Atuona.

What $50 will buy in the Marquesas. We will savor those cabbages!



  1. Deborah says:

    Gorgeous photos, Sara! It looks like paradise there.

    That’s some spendy produce. Wow!

  2. Kyra says:

    LOVE it!!! It looks wonderful – thinking of you guys xo

  3. Jenna says:

    Congratulations on your crossing! It looks amazing there. My husband and I hope to cruise there someday. You are an inspiration.

  4. Dani says:

    Love the pictures. How sweet your girls got to meet back up with some old friends…Just magical.

    I eat grapefruits almost everyday. They look sooo good in your photo.

  5. Those are some amazmo photos. And what a sweet change in all the faces; there’s a relaxed, dreamy, we-are-here-now look in everyone’s eyes. I hope that same expression is in your eyes too. It appears so, through your lovely & descriptive words.
    Someday, I will try a fresh pamplemousse. And some of that bread and cheese, too please.

  6. James Wilson says:

    Michael and Sara,
    Congratulations on a successful crossing. We’ve been following your website since we met you on the dock in San Deigo. Since then, you’ve made considerably better progress than we have. Good luck and fair winds on your South Pacific adventure.
    – James, Millie, and Colin (s/v Jean Marie)

  7. Tracy says:

    Love the pics!

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