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Wondertime Sails to the South Pacific – Day 22

Today’s report is from Leah:

Today at Easter I got a stuffed animal rainbow chameleon in my basket. I named him Swirly. And my sister Holly got a pink and purple and white unicorn. And I even got little mint balls and chocolate candy almonds, highlighter pens, Big Big World DVD and a playdough toy. All of the hidden eggs were full of M&Ms and some of them had M&Ms with peanut butter inside them! And when I woke up in the morning I found in the pockets in mama’s bed two Easter eggs with M&Ms inside.

The day before Easter me and my mama did lots of math with our new Math Dice. I love love love love love love love love love love doing math!

Total miles at noon: 2290
Miles since yesterday: 113
Miles to Hiva Oa: 401
Easter bunny visits: 1
Rotten cabbages thrown over: 1
Hours of fantastic sailing with 12 knots on the beam: 40


  1. Bob Vizenor says:

    Happy Easter to all of you!

    Fair winds for the rest of the passage, you’re almost there.

    Love the blog posts 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    Holy Moly – just a couple/few more days to go (depending :).

    Happy Easter to the crew of Wondertime!!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts since you began this journey. Today’s post by Leah is a special treat. Looking forward to your travels through the Pacific.