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Wondertime Sails to the South Pacific – Day 19

Some days are just grumpy days. Today is one of those. There is no particular reason. The sailing is spectacular today; we are flying the genoa, main and mizzen in about 12 knots of wind right on the beam, making a steady 5.5 knots. We just all seemed to wake up tired, hot, sweaty and grumpy. The girls have been bickering since they first opened their eyes. I don’t feel like cooking and served granola bars for breakfast.

We are just so ready to be there. We are craving juicy, fresh fruit, ice-cream, cold beer (other than our Special Equator Beers we are a dry boat underway). I want an ice-cold crisp green salad as big as my head. We all want to walk on land again.

So, I did what any sea-going mother would do: I got out the nutella and ritz crackers, opened a can of Trader Joes pineapple hiding in the stores and we had ourselves a feast of a snack.

Total miles at noon: 1983
Miles since yesterday: 97
Miles to Hiva Oa: 680
“A Series of Unfortunate Events” books read aloud so far: 4
Cans of warm Pacifico taunting us in the shower storage: 72

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