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Wondertime Sails to the South Pacific – Day 10

We are definitely in the tropics now; it is hot, humid, sticky and smelly. Combined with the rowdy, confused seas all I want to do is lay in front of a fan and dream of ice-cream. The wind did clock around more to the east, just aft of our beam so we have been able to sail all day with our main and mizzen up as well as the genoa. This has made for a much more comfortable ride and Wondertime is happily ticking the miles off. We continue to celebrate the little milestones: today marked 1000 miles. In a couple more days we’ll officially be half way there and, assuming we don’t drift too long in the doldrums, we should be crossing the equator in less than a week. Then it’s only 800 miles or so more until landfall at Hiva Oa.

Of course, that’s still two weeks to go, many more days of sailing toward the edge of the horizon and waiting for that tiny bit of land to come into view. As I look ahead at the miles and miles to go, I realize I am sailing toward the edge of many things: my endurance, my patience, my anxiety, my fear, my joy. Just when I think I’ve reached all there is, I keep finding more. Anxieties come around (how many days are we from a hospital again?), fear of something going very wrong. But then I have no choice but to let it simmer for a while, accept it and watch it pass. Like the changing sea around us.

Total miles at noon: 1080
Miles since yesterday: 129
Flying fish found stranded in the galley: 1

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  1. Greg says:

    I have to say, this is very enjoyable and fascinating to read. Here I am, in my office reading your comments from a sailboat half a world away. The other night while my Big Green Egg smoked away, I was on the deck reading your entries on my iPhone. It’s very interesting to read your posts.

    Be safe, have fun and keep inspiring us all.