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Wondertime Sails to the South Pacific – Day 9

What a difference a day makes! The wind finally picked up a bit last night so we took the spinnaker down and unfurled the genoa. The swell has built up from multiple directions so while we’ve got a nice steady 15 knots of wind from the NE there are seas from the north, NE and east pushing us around crazily. It’s like a washing machine inside and it’s taking all our energy just to hang on and get some snacks in our tummies. I’ve spent most of the day in bed reading and playing games with the girls. A day of this and we’re actually looking forward to drifting around in the calm doldrums. On the bright side we’re making 5.5 knots steady in the direction we need to go and celebrated being 1/3 of the way there today!

Total miles at noon: 951 (1/3 of the way there!)
Miles since yesterday: 112
Number of days we are behind in our “24 Days to Speaking French” book: 9


  1. We heard you loud and clear on the net tonight from La Paz! It was very exciting, all of us gathered around listening to Sara. Windy wasn’t ready to jump in, but I think that is her goal for tomorrow. We also heard Tucker, but very faint and poor connection. But everyone else, including Don on Buena Vista and Dephine on La Loupiote were clear. We don’t know why we were so excited by the transmission, but we all were. Hasta, Michael and crew.

  2. Kyra says:

    Hey you!! We have yet to hear you on our SSB receiver – but it’s been great reading your blog entries when we got back to La Paz! Thinking of you guys!! xo the Nyon crew