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Wondertime Sails to the South Pacific – Day 3

I had the midnight-4am watch last night. It was a very dark watch as there were mostly clouds overhead and no moon. We’re not convinced we’re in the tropics yet, despite being at 19 degrees latitude: the wind is quite chilly and we are still wearing fleece pants and foulie jackets at night. So last night I got out our sleeping bag and wrapped it around me in the cockpit at 2 am. My sleepiness faded as I put on my favorite Ulrich Schnauss album and got lost in the music and the motion of Wondertime charging along in the phosphorescent-lit waves.

By nearly 4 am however, my eyes were getting very heavy and I’d feel them close for a few seconds before they’d pop back open with the memory that it wasn’t time to sleep, just yet. Then suddenly, through the blurriness I saw streaks of light beside the boat. I was immediately up and wide awake; dolphins had come for a night visit! As they swam along with Wondertime, darting this way and that they left trails of light behind them. Simply awesome. I yelled down at Michael and Matt to come up and watch too, and they did. I watched the amazing dolphin light show for another ten minutes, then went down to sleep. As I tucked myself into an empty berth I could hear their squeaks through the hull as they continued to play. The perfect lullaby.

Total miles at noon: 374
Rain and wind squalls passed through: 3
Rainbows seen: 4
Super-ripe cantaloupes eaten: 2
Squashed and moldy tomatoes tossed: 7
Loaves of fresh sourdough bread baked and eaten: 1


  1. Emily says:

    what a night! Thank you for sharing it with all of us on land.

  2. Bill says:

    it’s almost like I’m there. not really. but really fun. thanks!

  3. Dani says:

    Love your updates. Glad your appetites are better.

  4. Did you see glowing jellyfish?

    Were the dolphins really glowing?

    Is it hard to stay up so late?

    Could you count the dolphins?

    Did the dolphins slpash you?

    have you seen any sharks?

    We are studying the basic needs of plants an animals. We really enjoy your blog. Good luck on the rest of your crossing.