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October 2011 Cruising Expenses

Perhaps I should label this month “Cruising in California Expenses” as well as September. The money continued to bleed out like crazy and we hope crossing the border will finally put a tourniquet on our budget once and for all. We knew our anchoring choices were limited in Southern Cali and we’d have to pay to moor the boat at times but ouch. (Why we didn’t join a yacht/cruising club to get free/reduced moorage I have no idea. Sigh.) We also bought lots of new bits for Wondertime (some new halyards, a whisker pole, engine oil, spares, fans, guidebooks and all sort of other junk to stuff in our lockers “just in case”). We stocked up on our favorite foods at Costco and Trader Joes as well as tubes and tubes of Toms of Maine toothpaste. There was also a trip to Disneyland which was worth every penny.

S/V Wondertime’s October 2011 Cruising Expenses

allowance (Leah) – $8
activities – $317
boat bits – $2,269
boat insurance – $54
books – $59
camera – $38
car rental – $227
cat supplies – $63
cell phones – $23
clothing – $50
computer – $211
diesel – $211
DVDs – $20
eating out – $359
faxes & copies – $15
galley – $78
groceries – $964
hotel – $104
laundry – $27
mexican fishing licenses – $180
guidebooks – $141
moorage – $629
parking – $15
personal care – $186
propane – $14
rental car gas – $37
supplies – $268
toys – $18
wifi – $10

total: $6,595


  1. Cidnie says:

    OUCH! Makes me glad California is not on our itenary. Wait a minute, Florida is and rumor has it it can be just as spendy… Here’s hoping Mexico gives your wallet some relief!

  2. Nita says:

    Not being a boating person I am a bit confused…just what are “boat bits?”
    You all look so happy and healthy in your recent posts. I am sure enjoying watching you enjoy your wonderful life!

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Nita! What we call “boat bits” are basically any piece of equipment or hardware specifically for the boat, i.e. engine parts, ropes, sailing gear, electronics, plumping parts, etc. Hope this helps!