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Sailing to San Francisco – Day 3

We kept the spinnaker up until nearly sunset last night then took it down before nightfall. With this coast’s reputation (at least in my mind) of the wind picking up at night we’re only using our best downwind sail in the daytime. That was fine anyway because it was barely an hour later and our genoa started flogging badly; the wind had dropped below 10 knots and the engine was started with reluctance after nearly 26 hours of sailing.

At 8 pm we tuck the girls into bed. They’ve been sleeping with their heads at the foot of our bed which is a wonderful protected cubby. Michael and I each stuff ourselves between them when we are off watch. They make the most marvelous lee cloths and the whole bunk is warm and cozy with all the bodies. It’s a lovely way to sleep and the nights don’t seem chilly at all.

With our third crewmember, Garth, onboard our watch schedule has been truly luxurious and for the first passage ever we’ve all been getting plenty of sleep. I take the 8p-12a watch after the girls are in bed, Michael has the dark 12a-4a watch and Garth gets to watch the sunrise during his 4a-8a watch. During the day we each take turns napping and playing with the girls.

Our appetites returned our second day out and last night I was able to put together a lentil sausage stew (actually Michael put most of it together when my stomach couldn’t handle anymore after chopping the onion…still working on my sea legs). Thanks to some mealtime teamwork, we all savored the warm meaty meal.

This morning brought even less wind so we continue to chug along. Thankfully we have had a 1.5 knot current running south with us and are making great time. We passed Newport, Oregon around noon today and should be crossing the California border Tuesday morning. Almost half way there!

Total miles at noon: 263

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  1. Kristin says:

    Hello! After nearly 70 hours of sailing we are pooped so we pulled into Coos Bay. Take a few days rest and move on again. Hope you are all well and that we all sit down to some good beer together soon.