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Sailing to San Francisco – Day 2

After sleeping nearly all day yesterday the girls finally woke up this morning. All of us are getting our sea legs on now in fact; we are less queasy, have a little bit more energy, and have been given sailing conditions so perfect that it would be impossible not to be having a good time out here.

We had the motor on and off until yesterday evening. When we were finally free of the mouth of Juan de Fuca and south of Cape Flattery the NW wind filled in. We rolled out the genoa and put two reefs in the mainsail for stability and set our course for 170 south. All night long we had a steady 15-20 knots of wind and rolled back and forth in the sea and swell that always live here. I was able to put together a quick macaroni and cheese dinner and the crew wolfed it down, a good sign.

Last night was the kind of night I’d only read about until now. The phosphorescence was so bright we watched the glowing green waves flicker and dance around us and bright foamy billows light up our keel when we’d surf down a wave. Our wake left behind a glowing trail. After the half moon set around 11 pm the quantity of stars out was simply awesome. A night of pure magic.

The wind let up a bit this morning to less than 15 knots. Our genoa started flogging back and forth in the leftover wind waves and Michael I doused it and put up our spinnaker. We’ve been cruising along all day like this with bright sunshine above, clear green water below and a rainbow of color pulling us along.

All five of us sat in the cockpit just watching the sea for several hours this morning. The girls asked for books and toys and started to get back into their regular play routines. In the distance we saw a little brown bird fluttering its wings, exhausted. This little woodland guy, at 40 miles offshore, had clearly made a wrong turn. He flapped around our boat and then landed on our stern rail and rode along with us for an hour or two, resting and snacking on cracker crumbs the girls tossed to him. Our little visitor making the ride all the more sweeter.

Total miles at noon: 132


  1. Elizabeth says:

    How did the girls like your bird boarder? Sounds beautiful with the spinnaker sailing!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Sounds wonderful. So peaceful. Enjoy!!

  3. Mike says:

    We saw some phospheresence at Penrose over the Labor Day Wknd, nothing like what you’ve witnessed… Jessica and I are enjoying reading your posts, sounds like a great start for your trip South. Hello to Michael & the girls from us

  4. Teacher Kaylene says:

    I think we saw you! We were hiking on the beach in the Olympic National Park during the weekend. We saw a few sailboats way, way, way off in the distance. We waved, imagining that we were seeing Wondertime sail by. šŸ™‚

    1. Sara says:

      You may have seen us for sure! We passed by there on Saturday and there was another boat nearby us that left at the same time we did. How fun!

      1. Teacher Kaylene says:

        Holy moly. It just seems totally crazy that we could have seen you! For real! We did actually see two sailboats on Saturday. I love it! I guess it really is a small world.