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Countdown to cruising: 5 days to go

It’s 12:30 am and we are about to drop into bed. But first, a few things we’ve learned today:

  • when you are too exhausted to cook, you can bake a store-bought pizza in a tiny boat oven provided it’s cut in half
  • just because you give Visio drawing of mast tangs you need made to a local metal shop doesn’t mean that they are actually going to make your parts to match said drawings
  • don’t go to Costco on payday Friday
  • when word gets out that you are getting rid of loads of junk as it can’t all possibly fit on your boat, your neighbors will start hanging around chit chatting a lot more (“Hey, you taking that with you?”)
  • but we don’t mind, giving away free stuff is just as fun as ever.

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  1. robert cromwell says:

    Depending on how fast you want to head out, the fourth of july parade on Bainbridge is pretty fun for kids…