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Countdown to cruising: 9 days to go

Nearly 150 lbs of old stainless wire...$98 in our pocket.

Every few days we give a little thought to our budget, which has been completely overrun to put it mildly. Thankfully, the few things we have sold here and there, such as the stainless wire we took to Tacoma Metals today in exchange for nearly $100, plus the selling of our car and other miscellaneous items sold via Craigslist will help replenish our pool titled “life savings” aka “boat self-insurance policy”  we promised we weren’t going to touch. It doesn’t matter much at this point: all the major items have been purchased and it just reinforces that we are going to have to pick up a little work here and there to keep Wondertime shipshape and be able to afford things like a new(er) dinghy as our Costco clearance model is on its last legs. Our last major purchase at this point: food. And bags of wine to tuck deep in the bilge for, you know, extra buoyancy.

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