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Guest posting on Foodista.com

I was invited recently to write a guest blog on Foodista.com, a unique food and cooking website created and edited by users, and my first article has been posted this morning! It’s about the fun and (mostly) challenge of galley cooking, but these ideas can be applied to cooking in any small space (my first apartment after college had less counter space than Wondertime’s galley). Read it here!


  1. GalleySwap says:

    Excellent article!

  2. Herbster says:

    Just got a feed for your site. Enjoyed poking around, great blogging. Flipflops in the snow, made me laugh. And your coffee “problem”. Just took a swig of cold Folgers, I think it taste better than hot. LOL. When we win the lotto, I’m going to march into Starbucks and get the el grande. I’m collecting NW bloggers and hope to see you on the water. Will you cruise much before setting off for Mexico?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Herbster! Folgers huh? You know a funny thing, my grandparents drink Folgers and when I have a cup at their house it tastes just fine. We can’t really afford Starbucks either, but then again we drink most of our wine from a box so it helps pay for the occasional slurge. 😉

      We’ll indeed be doing some NW cruising before we head south. The plan is to leave Olympia late June and make it around Vancouver Island. Truly a wonderland and we’re so excited for another summer of NW cruising!

      Glad you are enjoying our stories!