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Norseman Installation Video Tutorial

I asked Michael the other day if there were any good videos of installing Norseman terminals up on YouTube. He said there wasn’t really (at least the last time he checked) so I thought it would be fun to capture him putting together one of our 50 Norsemans. Now, I’m not saying our videos are good, but maybe someone will find them helpful. I know the first time we put one of these fittings together we were a little stumped and ended up with a few disasters. So you won’t have to suffer like we did, here they are:

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 1

Unscrewing the Norseman terminal attached to the old wire (note: this usually requires a heat gun to release the Loctite but as you can see no Loctite was used on the threads; BAD news!)

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 2

Setting the new cone inside the wire rope; this should be placed 1.5x the diameter of the wire rope down the inside group of wires.

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 3

Arranging the outside wires around the cone. It is very important to evenly distribute these wires around the cone, at the same time avoiding the slots in the cone, to prevent the wires from overlapping and seizing when the fitting is tightened.

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 4

“Dry fitting” the terminal. This is done before sealing the terminal and forms the wires around the cone.

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 5

The dry terminal is tightened with a wrench until a sudden resistance is felt; then it is unscrewed and the wire formation is checked to be sure it is correct. The wires should be formed around the cone tightly.

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 6

Life-Calk polysulfide is applied to the wire end.

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 7

Loctite 680 is applied to the terminal end threads. (Not shown in the video is the application of Loctite 7471 Primer to both inside and outside terminal threads to increase adhesion).

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 8

Life-Calk is squeezed into the inside of the terminal end.

Norseman Terminal Installation – Part 9

With all the sealants applied the terminal is fitted snugly together. Done!

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