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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Leah asked us a few days ago if we were going to the same Christmas tree farm this year as last, the one where we would get to feed the goats and ride in the red wagon out into the fields to cut our tree down. She was a little disappointed when we told her, sorry, we were just driving over to the storage unit to dig out our plastic tree. We returned to the boat with the little fake tree that we’ve been carting around for over 10 years and our two boxes of our most prized Christmas ornaments and decorations. The excitement of decorating for Christmas took over and she quickly forgot about the towering, fragrant trees of years past.

“This is our best tree ever!” Leah declared when she saw it adorned with colorful lights and our favorite ornaments.

We agree. It always is.

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  1. Tucker Bradford says:

    Your tree is HUGE. Ours is the Trader Joes tree. I would be shocked if it topped 6″. The kids seem satisfied thoug and are already talking about what they will get rid of to make room for the new toys 🙂