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One thing that has been glaringly missing from Wondertime all this time is a nice sturdy dodger, both to shield us from rain and spray but also to have some shade from the bright sun we eventually hope to see.

Our dock neighbor recently had a dodger built by Randy’s Boat Tops of Olympia and we were quite impressed with it. So we had Randy build one for us too and we are mighty happy with it. Not only was it an outstanding value ($1500!) it comes with the cool feature of all the side and front windows being able to zip off leaving a sort of small bimini over the front hatch. This will be really cool when it comes time to let the, um, cooling breezes through. There is also a zipper near the aft edge of the dodger for zipping a small sun cover to which we still need to have made.

You’ll also notice the new canvas color. Bright and sassy; we like it.

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